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Are you an Executor or Beneficiary?

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Will Informaton


You have to love Ben Franklin. In a famous letter from 1789 he observed that " in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." 

And . . . .  of course that is totally true. So if you're worried about taxes (and you should be!) then check out our corporate commercial information here.


But if you've finally come to terms with your mortality, then you need to consider getting a proper Will drafted. Don't feel too bad. More than 55% of your fellow Canadians don't have a valid Will; which of course doesn't make sense.





GETTING STARTED: Email us or start right here with our Online Will App. It's a simple and intuitive question & answer online form that will guide you through the information we need to complete your Will(s). Then  . . . 

OUR LAWYERS ARE ON IT: Once you complete the online questions and complete the easy online payment, one of our lawyers will jump in to get it across the finish line. The information you provide is safely and securely delivered to our office where we will:

  • complete the drafting of your Will and estate documents;

  • review them with you; and

  • make sure everything is properly signed and finalized (meeting or otherwise)





You may want to consider doing not only a Will, but also a Personal Directive and Enduring Power of Attorney. You don’t need to of course, but it can be more cost effective to do all of them at once. Here is some basic information to about each so you can consider your options:
WILLS: A Will is a disposition or declaration by which the person making it provides for the distribution or administration of property after his death. It is vital to have a valid and complete will to be sure your property goes to the right place and, more importantly, to be sure nobody will tie up your estate in costly and drawn-out litigation. If you have underage children you will need to properly incorporate guardianship and perhaps trust provisions and, depending on the size and type of assets, taxation matters may need to be addressed. In addition, there are certain requirements with respect to form, content, and execution that must be complied with in order for the will to be valid and enforceable. It is important, therefore, to have the assistance of a qualified lawyer when drafting your Will.
ENDURING POWER OF ATTORNEY: An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is a formal instrument by which one person authorizes or empowers another person to act on their behalf with respect to property and financial affairs. Should you become physically or mentally unable to manage your financial affairs your attorney (the person you appoint in the EPA) can do so for you. This can save literally thousands of dollars should such a need arise. Without an EPA, a relative would need to apply to court for a Dependant Adult Trusteeship Order. Such an order would be necessary, for example, to allow them access to your bank account to pay your rent and thus avoid eviction—or to pay your credit card bills or mortgage and thus avoid accumulation of interest or foreclosure on your home. Acquiring such an order could cost several thousand dollars and take weeks or months to acquire. It may be wise, therefore, to have a properly drafted and executed EPA so that, if the situation arises, someone you trust is legally authorized and empowered to deal with your property and finances. 
PERSONAL DIRECTIVE: A Personal Directive is a legal document that you can write in case something happens and you cannot make decisions about personal matters (that are non-Financial in nature) such as: medical treatments you would or would not want, where you would like to live, who you would like to live with, and choices about other personal activities (recreation, employment or education).  Without a personal directive relatives and friends do not have legal rights to make personal decisions for you as an adult.  A Dependent Adult Order granting guardianship rights would need to be obtained in order for relatives or friends to make personal decisions on your behalf.



My husband and I put off doing our wills for much longer than I'd like to admit. When we saw this new option to do it via app it seemed like the perfect way to get it done quickly and easily. I was impressed that I could save info as I went along. It meant I could answer some questions, deal with my kiddos, answer a few more, stop and verify things with my husband and then continue without being concerned that I'd have to repeat work. The questions were clear and concise and helped me move through the list of info needed quickly. Once I completed the questions on the app, Richards + Company contacted me to verify everything before having to come in which meant no revisions and repeat appointments were needed. My husband and I had one, brief appointment to triple check the information and sign all documents. We were impressed with how simple the process was and the professionalism displayed by our lawyer, Chad. It is so nice to know that this important document is now done. I would highly recommend using this app and the services of Richards + Company


The online wills app made preparing my will, POA, and personal directive an amazingly simple process! It was quick to answer the questions and I was contacted afterwards and had an opportunity to ask any questions that I had. My questions were dealt with thoroughly and professionally and when I went in to sign everyone was very friendly. The whole process was very quick and surprisingly affordable. I expected this to be the daunting task that I had been through with other lawyers to prepare these documents - I had no idea it could be so easy. Highly recommend!


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