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Incorporations, share and asset (Business) purchases, commercial financing; we can assist with all aspects of your corporate and business legal needs.


Corporate Commercial

Business Legal Services

We can help you succeed . . .


Our unique philosophy as corporate legal counsel means that it's our goal to find ways to get you around or through the legal issues you face and to the business goals you have for your business. The law should not be a barrier to what you have to pursue - and we'll do our best to be a valuable partner in that effort.

And find your way . . .


We provide advice and legal expertise with respect to all areas of business law; so when you do face obstacles or legal issues we want to be the first place you turn to for advice and direction.

Why our firm?


We have dozens of years of experience working on virtually every type of commercial transaction imaginable. Commercial law is a major focus of the firm - giving our clients the expertise they need and the reliable advice they want.


And because of our experience in a broad range of commercial matters, we can  accommodate virtually every need our business clients may have - experience and breadth of services found mainly at large downtown law firms - but because we don't have the  overhead and bureaucracy of a large downtown law firm we can provide highly valuable legal advice at reasonble cost.

What services do we provide?


We can assist with virtually every commercial transaction and matter that you may have. We have acted for major national and provincial financial institutions with respect to significant loan facilities. We act for client borrowers with respect to complex secured loan facilties of all kinds.


Other major legal services include corporate related commercial transactions such as amalgamations, dissolutions, share sales, asset sales and reorganizations.


And, as real estate law is a major focus of our practice, we assist with real estate related commercial transactions including mortgage secured financing and purchases.

What will it cost?


Unlike other legal service areas that we offer (such as Residential Real Estate and Wills and Estates) where set or flat fee arrangements are possible, Commercial legal services are less predictable - each situation presents different complexity, risks, documentation requirements, and of course time. 


Accordingly, we would ask that you call to get a better understanding of the possible legal costs for your particular commercial matter. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive and quality legal services with a reasonable and acceptable fee arrangement.

What size of matter can you handle?


Quite frankly, no matter is too small or too large. We consistently offer standard corporate commercial legal services that have long range value but might be considered at the time to have nominal or even nil value financially.


And we have extensive experience in large, multi-million dollar transactions of all kinds- whether its a $12 million dollar commercial real estate financing or a $25 million cross-border share sale, we can help.


We are proud of our relationship with other professional advisors such as Chartered Accountants and other tax advisors and work closely with them to ensure all aspects of any size transaction is properly documented and completed.

Yep. We can help.

Connect with us by phone or email - we can assess free of charge your situation and determine a path forward including estimated legal costs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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