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Incorporations and Business Start-Ups

LEGAL FEE: $800 (for standard Alberta incorporations)


DISBURSEMENTS: for budgeting purposes, remember that there will also be some other costs' such as expenses incurred  at Corporate Registry etc. And of course there is GST on some items including the legal fee portion of your bill. The total all-in costs usually fall in the range of $1220 (numbered company) - $1275.00 (named company). Some fees include:


Corporate Registry Filing Fee: $275.00

NUANs Name Search: $45.00

Minute Book (digital): $25.00

Corporate Seal: $55.65


NOTE: the above noted disbursement costs would be charged to you regardless, in addition to their fee, by any Registry Agent. 


NOTE: With respect to disbursement charges (i.e. expenses incurred on your behalf as noted) we only charge ACTUAL expenses incurred by third parties – without handling fees or mark-ups. We should also point out that, unlike most other firms, we do NOT charge internal cost-recovery expenses for items such as faxes, photocopying, word processing, postage, and the like. Virtually all other law firms charge these items to their clients. And these ‘expenses’ are not insignificant – charges like these typically add $50.00 to $150.00 to a file of this type. So a low 'fee' quote may not turn out to be what it looks like.



Our fee for acting as both the Records and Registered Address for a corporation is minimal ($245.00 per year plus disbursements and GST). Services included are:


  • prepare and file the Annual Return at Corporate Registry 

  • prepare the annual Director Resolutions

  • prepare the annual Shareholder Resolutions

  • file change of Directors (if necessary)

  • maintain and update the digital Minute Book as needed

Minute Book


Any time a corporation has two or more shareholders, it is always prudent to consider entering into an unanimous shareholder agreement (USA). Why? Find out more here:



Often wholly owned subsidiaries or sister companies need to amalgamate for business or tax reasons. Independant businesses sometimes need to combine together as well: sometimes a merger or amalgamation is necessary: sometimes something less permanent like a Joint Venture may be best. We can help with all of this and more. Contact us today to discuss the process and the cost.



Want to sell your business? We can provide all the legal advice and support necessary. 

Want to buy a business? Whether you want to buy the business by way of an Asset or a Share purchase (or don't know which one is right for you), we can provide legal recommendations and assistance; and of course we will be there through with you throughout the entire process - from negotiating the deal, completing legal due diligence, and closing the transaction. Connect with us for more information and to schedule a meeting to get the process started.



What business structure is best for you? Sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, limited partnership, joint venture, family trust? We can help you decide. 

Sometimes existing business structures need to be reassessed for business or tax reasons. We can, in concert with your accountant and tax advisors, provide all the legal assistance and documentation necessary; If you or your accountant are thinking of doing a section 51, 85 or 86 rollovers, share for share exchanges or estate freezes, or any other structural and tax efficient reorganization transaction, our firm can provide all the legal support needed.


We have extensive experience in all sizes of transactions; from small family businesses to large, multi-million dollar transactions of all kinds, So whether its a $12 million dollar commercial real estate financing or a $48 million cross-border share sale, we can help.


We are proud of our relationship with other professional advisors such as Chartered Accountants and other tax advisors and work closely with them to ensure all aspects of any size transaction is properly documented and completed.


Unlike other legal service areas that we offer (e.g Incorporation, and Residential Real Estate) where set or flat fee arrangements are possible, Commercial legal services are less predictable - each situation presents different complexity, risks, documentation requirements, due diligence and of course time .


So call or email us today to find out the cost of your particular transaction.


We have dozens of years of experience working on virtually every type of commercial transaction imaginable. Commercial law is a major focus of the firm - giving our clients the expertise they need and the reliable advice they want.

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