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Thanks for clicking my url from my twitter feed . . . 


You've found your way to my business (law firm) web site. You can find out about my legal practice by looking around this site and more about me by reading my bio here).


I'm also an advisor and consultant (see my blogs posted here) for legal, accounting, and business professionals wanting to learn about how to set up, build up, and keep up in their carreers and business start ups. 


You will find information about topics like:


  • increased billing without increasing hours,

  • the art of delegating,

  • rainmaking 101,

  • technology in your professional practice,

  • client and customer relations,

  • email management,

  • billing options,

  • creating a killer website,

  • social media,

  • Going Paperless, and

  • Organizing yourself with apps like EverNote and Omni


I'll look forward to hearing from you.

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